We have a lot to tell...

We have a lot to tell you as we unfortunately didn't get the chance to bring you up to date in the last days.

Firstly, to answer the question why we are taking such a long chemo break now. The doctors said they want to take this break until the next MRI on July 10th to be able to tell if the cancer is in a controlled state to start the transplantation.

If it has become smaller or has remained so, we will try to do the transplantation again on 13.07. If he has grown further, we will continue with chemos.

To be honest, the break rather frightens us and it is not understandable for us either.

At the first attempt at transplantation, we had to abort because we had all caught Corona in the hospital. By that time Ilai was cancer-free on the MRI. After the corona break of exactly the same three weeks as now, it had spread around the spinal cord and head, so we had to start new chemos.

To calm us down, we were told at the time that it would not have been right to do the transplant anyway. Now they say, if he is still there but has not grown, we will catch the transplant.

So, when actually no cancer was visible, it would have been the wrong time but now, when it is definitely present we can do it? Something doesn't add up here, in our opinion.

Despite the fear we now have a great free week which really gives us a lot.

We just hope we don't have to pay a price.