Help Ilai fight cancer

Help Ilai fight cancer

Ilai is only 2 years young and fights bravely for his life, because at 7 months he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor, an aggressive neuroblastoma.

About the disease and immunotherapy

Ilai is only 2 years young and fights bravely for his life, because at 7 months he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor, an aggressive neuroblastoma.

The Enemy

The malignant tumour spreads through the nervous system in Ilai's body. The MYCN gene he was diagnosed with makes the cancer particularly aggressive and additionally worsens the prognosis, so that despite chemotherapy, the chances of recovery in Germany are only 30%.

A glimpse of hope

Treatment in either Barcelona or New York would improve Ilai's chances of recovery to 68%. Immunotherapy called “Naxitamab” and subsequent vaccination is only available there and is expensive. And despite the high success rate, this form of therapy is still an ongoing study for which CE/FDA approval has not yet been granted. The treatments costs of €400,000 - €500,000 have to be paid privately. Approvals usually take many years, as the long-term successes have to be awaited.

Ilai can only win with your help

Life should not depend on economic factors and wealth, but rather on our humanity. Therefore, we kindly ask you: BECOME A HERO AND GIVE ILAI A CHANCE AT LIFE. Save his life with a small donation. Giving up is not an option.

Donations that are not used or are not applied are transferred to Hand-in-Hand Ev. to help another child suffering from cancer.

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€457,874 of €450,000 raised

These are the pure, estimated treatment costs. Costs for intensive care treatments, which unfortunately occurred very frequently in the past, are not included. But also costs for the following expenses: Flights, accommodation, meals and loss of earnings for the almost one year treatment in Barcelona are not yet covered. There will be large financial losses.

Das Wichtigste für uns ist, dass unser Sohn lebt. Alles Andere im Leben ist unwichtig geworden. Auch wenn dies aufgrund bevorstehenden Nebenkosten bedeutet, dass wir am Ende verschuldet sind.

Daher würden wir uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr uns auch weiterhin unterstützen würden. 

Every further donation helps us to cover these high costs. Of course, unused donations go to the association Hand-in-Hand e. V. and thus other children with cancer!

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