Update on the weekly schedule, Ilai's newest playground and appeal for donations by Mark Seibert

Today comes another update of our little angel.

The blood count on Monday was still good and therefore there is no booster injection.

Tomorrow we drive back to Sao Paulo to the hospital and there he gets a quick chemo.

Actually, the original plan was for Ilai to have another MRI this week after the two chemo cycles.

We were told, however, that the MRI is now only performed on July 10th. Why? We have no idea. We are a bit insecure about it and we don't like it, because everything got worse during the last 3 weeks break in Corona Isolation. Understandably this makes us afraid.

We very much hope that there is a reason for this and we will talk to the doctors again tomorrow to get clarity for this delay.

I would like to ask you ALL for something that has touched us very much.

It would be great if you would spread the amount down on Facebook to the world.

Mark Seibert, a musical actor from Frankfurt, has called on his fans to help Ilai. Also his very dear family has already contacted us. It is wonderful how much humanity we are allowed to experience again and again in various ways and we are incredibly grateful for that.

It would be nice if you would spread this beautiful message of the heart. Thank you ALL ❤️