At least the fever is gone

On Monday, Ilai had another brief bout of mild bacteremia, which was immediately treated with medication. I think he is rid of this one now.

Because of this, the catheter must unfortunately still be removed on occasion. But the doctors would like to finish this block.

The first part of this block with two chemos a day is over. On Thursday, it will continue with another. We will continue to stay at the hospital.

Ilai seems to be in a lot of pain right now. It's hard to estimate, since he unfortunately does not speak yet. When he is awake, he is crying, screaming and moaning most of the time. Fortunately he still sleeps a lot.

But it is also possible that he is just nervous because of the cortisone and all his complaints are additional oil in the fire.

What would be so much easier for everyone if he could say what's going on

He has now been switched to receiving a small dose of painkillers continuously. I think that will make him better. Whatever the cause.

We keep hoping the chemo will work. As you can see on the video, he also managed to open one eye a little bit today.

Even if it is rigid and the doctors say that he can't see anything with it at the moment, we are very pleased, because at least it is a development in the right direction.