Update Saturday - Sunday:

Actually I always wanted to make only short updates but this is a bit difficult at the moment because too much happens.

Saturday Ilai woke up with a swollen eye because the tumor is pressing on the eye from behind.

Es wurde ein Ultraschall vom Auge gemacht mit gutem Ergebnis. Der Tumor drückt aber hat sich in noch nichts verwachsen.

Essen funktioniert seitdem wir hier sind sowieso nicht und selbst über die Sonde muss er sich Übergeben. Das einzige was noch funktioniert ist die Brust. Die bekommt er immer noch, weil es seit einem Jahr das Einzige ist was er während einer Chemo akzeptiert.

At 14 o'clock he suddenly got a fever and chills as seen in the video. He was given antipyretic and after 15 minutes everything was fine again. He turned blue all over his body, which indicates bacteria.

CBC was done on the catheter and vein. Ilai had to be stabbed again. Oddly enough, no crying. Either he was too weak or the poor worm got used to it.

Depending on the result, the catheter must then be removed via the operating theatre and a new one inserted.

Again, an ultrasound was made to see if there were deposits from the bacteria at the catheter end in the heart. Fortunately, this result was also without findings.

Zusätzlich zu seinen ganzen Geräten und Kabeln, macht er jetzt noch ein 24Std EEG und hat den ganzen Kopf verklebt mit Kabeln. Sie wollen prüfen ob es schon neurologische Auswirkungen gibt.

Zurzeit ist der Druck im Kopf auf Augen und Hirn der Grund, dass wir noch auf der Intensiv Station sind, weil es das größte Risiko birgt.

At 10 p.m. at night we started again. Ilai started to shiver, turned blue and his fever shot up to 40.7 degrees within 10 minutes. The first two drugs had no effect.

The room was full of doctors and we sat afraid of Ilai and tried to calm him down.

Only after 1 hour trembling, crying and another medicine plus climate plus wet wraps they could lower the fever and Ilai got better.

Today went well so far, except that Ilai is not in a very good mood.

The last catheter surgery had lasted 3.5 hours instead of 40 minutes and Ilai was covered with holes from the experiments. The doctor told us in March that it would not be possible to insert a catheter again because there are no more veins.

A third ultrasound was done today to look for veins for a possible new catheter. Fortunately, two were found that could apparently be used.

Despite all this, catheter loss is always very bad and even more so during a chemo block.

Let's hope Ilai has a better night tonight...