Summary of the last days

Ilai was admitted to the intensive care unit for a total of 38 days due to his serious condition. During this time he received two cycles of chemotherapy and was subsequently discharged!

The result of the last reassessment showed a significant improvement in facial bone lesions. However, the tumor behind the right eye remained almost unchanged, so that he will start radiotherapy on Thursday, September 3rd.

A few days later he was hospitalized again because of a thrombosis in the heart catheter. He is under constant observation and will receive a thrombosis injection twice a day for the next 3 months.

The injections are not only painful, but also cause open wounds/the injection site to bleed for a very long time.

So now double caution is required. Because in addition to the risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack, there is also the risk of heavy bleeding in the event of injury or a fall.

Last Saturday evening he was discharged from the hospital, on Sunday evening we had to go to the emergency room again. Ilai had gotten a fever and started trembling all over his body.

Several tests were performed and he is now receiving antibiotics. Unfortunately we do not know the cause of the fever yet.

Today he had a blood transfusion and he is smiling.

I'm sorry that I can't always keep you up to date. The days end quickly, we live far away from the hospital and have to drive 2 hours and 30 minutes every day.

My husband works and I have to stay alone in the hospital with our little one, so I can't respond to all the messages we receive in the direct way.

I thank you with all my heart for all your help.

And to everyone who continues to help us by sharing the story of Ilai with others, we will be eternally grateful.

Please do not let go of my little hand, help me to overcome the cancer.